She’s Got Claws Interviewed – November 2013

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Micci Lou (She’s Got Claws) is an amazing lady. I first came across her through the band she fronted called ‘Paparazzi Whore’ and from then on I’ve kept an eye on what this lady has been doing musically. Out of the blue has seen a new single be released. ‘Can We Hope For Christmas’ is a jolly Xmas song that Micci wants to put up against the X-Factor and I for one reckon she’s in for a chance. On the basis of that single I’ve run an interview with Micci and here’s what she had to say.

Street Voice: First off what gave you the idea to write ‘Can We Hope For Christmas’?

Mainly because it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I write mainly about stuff that effects me and others around me and Chris found it odd that i hadn’t written a song about Christmas with it being something that i love. Although a Christmas song is something of a different beast, it has a formula and feel that we all are familiar with and this is first and foremost the biggest challenge. It isn’t just putting in some sleigh bells, if it was that easy everyone would be writing them. I believe if you can write a Christmas song then you will only write one, just like Slade. If you write more than one then you are in danger of becoming a gimmick.

Street Voice: You’re promoting it as an alternative to X-Factor but how do you think it will compete against other artists probably doing something similar?

X-Factor has become the staple diet of Christmas and it makes me vomit my guts up listening to an over produced plastic contrived song at number 1 every Christmas! I cannot believe people fall for this every Christmas! People are not stupid so why do they wreck the festivities by buying a ‘song’ that could be released any time of the year?

If you could give me a list of other artists doing something similar then i would like to read it. We used to have lots of new original Christmas songs but now it’s all the old ones covered and regurgitated and plonked onto a compilation. It is about time that there are other Christmas songs written. I love to hear songs like Slade for example every year, as soon as you hear it in shops the countdown begins.

However, I would love to hear other artists writing original Christmas songs so we can move forward and listen to how today’s artists interpret Christmas. Even Bowie didn’t write an original Christmas song, he did a cover with Bing Crosby, it’s more difficult than most think.

Street Voice: Talking of X-Factor is it really a problem when in reality most of us ignore the show and tune into music we enjoy?

So why are the ratings always high and why do i constantly see conversations on Twitter about what has just happened? You may ignore it and i certainly switch off the TV when it comes on but others are obviously encouraging this bullying and humiliation. Some people may only watch this crap as there is really no actual music show on TV and this is sadly the closest you can get. You have Jools Holland and that’s about it. We need shows like TFIF back and other quirky music shows but then they wouldn’t fit in with the ‘pc’ safe rubbish of today, which in itself needs addressing. So many original bands are being ignored because of the attention put onto singing competitions, maybe if the public started to actually switch off then the programmers would have a re-think and give people who love music the shows that we want to see with original music.

Street Voice: Is the Christmas song going to be available as both hard copy as well as digital based?

Not as yet no. This is all self-financed, so the money that i would need to use for hard copies is being used to promote the single by using the services of Manilla PR who are radio plugging the song, as well as magazines globally. I have lots of radio interviews booked in thanks to Manilla. I need to channel my funds into advertising as this is what gets your product heard. If word of mouth was enough then i would have hard copies too.

Street Voice: The song is really catchy so you looking forward to unleashing it on t the general public?

Definitely looking forward to unleashing it! I wanted to create a chorus that would stick in your head even after the first listen, from the comments received so far i believe i have done this. Even though the song is about money being tight every year and finding ways of making it the best Christmas, it has an uplifting feel. As soon as i hear the intro with the walking in the snow and the bells it makes me smile and feel excited about Christmas. It’s the time of year when you can be a big kid and be proud of it!

Street Voice: If you should make a serious dent in the charts with the song have you got something else to follow on in the early part of 2014 to keep the appetites wet?

I can certainly wet appetites with a new album! I’m writing it at the moment so it will be ready in the new year. A single will be released before the album. I keep my website up to date with news on what songs i am writing and on my Twitter @shesgotclaws

Street Voice: So where can people buy the single from?

Can We Hope For Christmas is on pre-order now from and iTunes. You can also add it to your Wish List on Amazon. The official release date is 25th November 2013, available from iTunes,, Amazon and 7 Digital. All direct links will be on my website. I have requested that sites such as Spotify do not have this song as they do not pay the artist a respectable amount of money when streaming. So all streaming sites will not have this song. There is a 1 minute teaser of the song on the dedicated page on She’s Got Claws website called ‘Christmas’ –

Street Voice: Anything you’d like to add?

Simon Cowell is a megalomaniac who prays on the vulnerable to feather his own nest. He is the only winner of these mind numbing humiliating shows. If you believe that you are helping a singer become a huge star because you have voted for him/her then you are one of the vulnerable fools that Cowell preys on.

This is the time of year when Cowell wants more than anything the Christmas number one and he doesn’t care how he gets it or who he needs to use to get there for himself. If we all pull together to get rid of this vulture we will then make a clear way for original musicians and original singers to make their way through to the top where they belong.

I am speaking for all the musicians that you are aware of that you know should be bigger than they are but cannot get a foot on the ladder because of all the manipulation happening within the industry from the likes of Cowell. We can stop this. If you stop watching Cowell’s shows you will start to take this power from him. This would be a good start to topple this loon.

Thanks to Micci for doing the interview. Hopefully this interview should give you all the appetite to buy this single and give Simon Cowell another Xmas nightmare. Oh and it’s a bloody good sing-a-long tune too!

Photo’s: Chris Oaten

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